Events in southeast Ukraine must be thoroughly investigated – Russian deputy FM


The developments in Odessa were barbaric cold-blooded killing of people, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin has said to Interfax. “The crying falsehood of the evaluation of the developments that are taking place in Ukraine these days once again speaks of the double standards typical of both the incumbent authorities in Kiev and their Western patrons,” he said.

“Today nobody recalls the previous Western incantations about the impermissibility of the use of force against so-called peaceful Maidan in Kiev when crowds of Right Sector militants beat up and burned law enforcers without any adequate response from the latter,” he remarked.

Now the attitude has taken a full turn and “punitive operations in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are presented as an antiterrorist effort even though a war has actually been unleashed against the Ukrainian people,” he added.

“What happened in Odessa on Friday cannot be described otherwise than barbaric, cold-blooded killing of people,” he said.

Karasin described as an extreme manifestation of cynicism the fact that former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko called an apparent crime against humanity a victory of law enforcement forces.

“One cannot help recalling Yugoslavia, Libya and other historical analogs. What all-Ukrainian dialogue and constitutional reform can one speak of here?” the senior diplomat wondered.

He stressed that it is the common task of the international community “to force the Kiev authorities to stop violence in the southeast, to bridle and disarm radical nationalists, to free detained opposition figures and members of protest movements, to return to a normal state of society.”

“Unfortunately, so far the Kiev authorities are demonstrating reluctance and inability to control the situation in the country,” Karasin said.

The details of the developments in southeast Ukraine should be clarified and the crimes committed there investigated.

“Meanwhile, everything must be done to return to normal rails of the political process of an inclusive constitutional reform which as was noted in Geneva on April 17 would include the interests of all regions of the country without exception,” he said.

This has not been achieved while “demonstrational and cosmetic moves that Kiev presents as the implementation of Geneva understandings are fictitious and largely false,” he added.

“An investigation must be conducted of what happened in Odessa, of what is happening in the southeast, in Slavyansk, in Kramatorsk and Donetsk. All this requires a thorough investigation and we always have the right to take the case [to the international tribunal],” Karasin said.

Answering the question whether Russia could use such a right the deputy minister said: “Naturally.”


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