Western spin doctors work for Kiev to spread false information about Ukraine’s events


A credible source in Russia’s government agencies has drawn attention to the recent change in the form and tonality of the Kiev authorities’ actions in the information sphere.

“It is formed not at all by Ukrainian citizens, but by specialists who arrived from abroad. The PR group for the so-called “anti-Russian actions” involves American experts – as far as we know, shoulder straps show through the suits and sweaters of some of them. There are also European spin doctors, in particular, from Belgium who back during the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia had tried to persuade the world of “the Russian aggression” and even achieved some success for a time,” the source says, TASS reports.

“Some of these specialists that are currently working in Kiev under the umbrella of the SBU (Security Council of Ukraine) are well known to us. We also know that one of their tasks is to send disinformation to a large number of mass media outlets in the United States and Europe,” he noted.

He said that this work is focused primarily on the European public opinion. “Here it’s more difficult to mislead journalists. The main strategy is also clear: everything that takes place in the south and east of Ukraine is inspired, prepared and implemented by Moscow, specifically – by the FSB (Federal Security Service), GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the RF General Staff) and the like,” the source said.

“However, the information group that is staying in Kiev so far does poor work. What’s the point in letting (Ukraine’s Interior Ministry head) Arsen Avakov down so coarsely by means of such a “smart” shooting at helicopters that only the “Russian saboteurs” are capable of? Were they lazy to watch the video materials?” the source asks rhetorically.

According to him, the video footage of the shooting has been spread all over the Internet. The single shots are clearly visible on it.

“Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk are invaded by Russian special task force fighters? Well done! It is also necessary to ban showing poorly armed people from these Ukrainian cities on TV. Do it, you really can, otherwise they won’t believe you. It’s no good to regard information users in the Western world as idiots, you’ll turn out to be on their place yourselves,” believes the source.

“And, the main thing to do, arriving to a hotel – not far from the SBU – is not to forget to look into the refrigerator: what if a Russian saboteur is hiding there? And your reports suggesting that it was Moscow that provoked all this in Odessa look absolutely blasphemous and silly. Are you aware who was armed with assault rifled there and who wasn’t? You should look into the Internet and watch TV,” he advised.

Noting that the Western TV channels are so far not broadcasting this horrible video footage, the source stressed: “All the same, they’ll have to do this. And in what, excuse me, deep hole will Turchynov (Ukraine’s acting president) who is so protected by you, find himself?”

“In general, I’m guessing that you, ladies and gentlemen, this time will not succeed. And do you know why? Because there’s really fascism in Ukraine, it’s impossible to justify it, although you are capable of many things,” he said.

The source in this connection recalled Georgia’s former President Mikhail Saakashvili.

“Many of you have worked with him. Where is he now? And he seemed to be a good learner – no match to the current Ukrainian ones,” he noted.

At the same time, the source believes, the information failure cannot be blamed on the Western spin doctors only.

“More serious people have provoked the Kiev regime into starting bloodshed in its own country, and this is far worse than information mistakes. This is a crime against humanity, and nobody will manage to justify it,” he concluded.


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