Belgium police attack anti-Israel gathering


Riot police in Belgium used water cannon to disperse an anti-Israel gathering in the capital, Brussels, an event that French comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala was to address.

The police on Sunday fired water cannon on a group of several hundred people while they defied a ban on rallying in Brussels’ district of Anderlecht.

Belgian officials had banned the meeting, calling it a threat to public order.

The crowd had gathered outside the “Salle Akdeniz,” where the meeting was planned to be held, in the hope that the ban would be overturned by the Belgium’s top administrative court.

However, while the group was waiting for the court’s decision, the riot police water-cannoned the crowd to disperse them for refusing to leave the site.

“What we just faced is the evidence of anti-democracy… I just want to know why they made us wait for seven hours in front of that building to just water us like dogs when the state council had not even come to a decision. It’s just nonsense,” said Laurent Louis, an independent member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament.

The event, organized by a group called “Stand up Belgians, was meant to bring together a string of figures who are opposed to pro-Israel lobby groups.

Among those who were due to address the gathering was Dieudonné, who has recently faced repeated accusations of anti-Semitism by pro-Israel groups.

Last December, the French government banned Dieudonné from performing and holding public meetings


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