‘Return Amanda Knox to Italy’ says Meredith Kercher’s family


THE family of Meredith Kercher have demanded the US sends Amanda Knox back to Italy to serve her 28-year sentence.

By Sandra White

Knox, 26, and ex-lover Raffaele Sollecito, 30, were found guilty of murder in 2009, then acquitted before being found guilty again earlier this year.

Knox is at home in Seattle, resisting extradition.

But Meredith’s brother, Lyle, 34, said: “It has been hard to see Knox give interviews, go on television and write her book.

“It seems wrong that someone who has been found guilty of murder, twice now, is able to commercialise their notoriety.”

Meredith’s sister, Stephanie, 30, accused the US, which consistently seeks to extradite foreign nationals, of double standards.

She added: “We have two people who have been convicted of murder who are not even under house arrest but are free to go on living a normal life.”



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