NYT risks losing credibility over its Ukraine coverage – US journalist


Robert Parry, a famous American writer and journalist known for his independent investigations, posted an article where he claims that The New York Times has been deliberately and systematically distorting information about the events in Ukraine.

Robert Parry published his article on the website ConsortiumNews.com, known for its independent manner of providing the information. There Robert Parry criticizes the actions of The Times and claims that the newspaper is risking to lose its trust and ruin its reputation for such untruthful propaganda.

It became especially obvious after the tragedy that took place in Odessa on May 2, when more than 40 people died in fire in the House of Trade Unions.

According to Parry, from the very beginning of the events in Ukraine, The New York Times has been supporting the new Kiev regime, constantly blaming President Putin and Russia for the unfolding set of events. The New York Times along with the US State Department acknowledged the coup that took place in Ukraine as legitimate and recognized the new Kiev authorities.

However, after May 2 and the way the newspaper shared information on the Odessa tragedy its reputation might be completely destroyed.

Parry writes that the death of more than 30 ethnic Russian protesters in fire has not received adequate attention from the newspaper. Instead it highlighted the events in the Donetsk region.

The journalist notes that even the neocon-domonated Washington Post was more objective, writing that the House of Trade Unions was caught on fire after “a pro-Ukrainian mob attacked a camp where the pro-Russian supporters had pitched tents, forcing them to flee to a nearby government building”.

“For those who write for the Times – and the many more people who read it – the question must be whether the Times is so committed to its prejudices here that the newspaper will risk whatever credibility it has left. The coup regime from Kiev may succeed in slaughtering many ethnic Russians in the rebellious east — as the Times signals its approval — but will this bloody offensive become a Waterloo for whatever’s left of the newspaper’s journalistic integrity?” asks Parry.


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