Over 100 people including children dead in Odessa – people’s deputy of Ukraine Tsaryov


Oleg Tsaryov, leader of “South-East” social movement and people’s deputy of Ukraine, who withdrew his candidature from the upcoming presidential election, thinks that more than 100 people including children died in Odessa during the recent rallies. However, he didn’t prove his statement.

“We think that there are more than 100 corpses in the building of the House of labor unions. We are sure that police don’t let people enter the building in order to prevent them from calculating the real number of killed people. We also know that there are dead children in the building. We are sure that the government will do everything to conceal the traces of their crimes there. However, we will do everything to punish those, who are involved in the tragedy,” Tsaryov told RIA Novosti agency.

“It seems that the terrorists killed and perhaps raped people all over the building. Then, they burnt them with Molotov cocktails, that’s why the corpses were partially burnt” Tsaryov said.

He also thinks that the current Ukrainian government “doesn’t have the right to investigate this case,” because “the current government organized everything that was going on in Odessa,” Tsaryov said.

Earlier, Vadim Savenko, a deputy of Odessa Region Council, said that Ukrainian government concealed the real data about the victims. He says that some 116 people died in Odessa on May 2. He also said the data he had about the casualties put the death toll two times higher than the official statistics suggested, because “Ukrainian government has to conceal the real data in order to hide the fact that there was a punitive military operation in Odessa.”

On May 2 Odessa saw a conflict between anti-Maidan supporters and those who backed Euromaidan, who united with football fans of Odessa and Kharkov football clubs. In the evening, the conflict moved on to Kulikovo Field Square, where supporters of Euromaidan destroyed the camp of anti-Maidan supporters and set the House of labor unions on fire. Some 42 people died and more than 200 were injured, Ukrainian Interior Ministry reports.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry claims that the tragedy in Odessa shows that the current Ukrainian government follows the path of “force and intimidation.” Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov says that the ministry disapproves the actions of Odessa police and other law enforcement bodies.

At least 10 people dead in shoot-out at checkpoint in Slavyansk

At least 10 people were killed in a skirmish at a checkpoint held by protesters in Ukraine’s eastern city Slavyansk on Monday, a leader of local pro-federalization militia said.

“We have suffered losses, around 10 people [are dead] including civilians, and 20-25 injured,” Igor Strelkov told RIA Novosti. Last week, acting Ukrainian President Alexander Turchinov ordered security forces to resume a special operation in the country’s east to crack down on pro-federalization protests that have been spreading across southeastern Ukraine since a regime change in Kiev in February.


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