Undeclared War on History


It is an undeclared war on history. After taking on the greatest part of the burden of fighting fascism, the Soviet Union already in the times of the Cold War was forced to take part in a new battle – this time to protect its own history. Back then attempts started to review the outcome of the most tragic event of the past century. And even now there are those who wish to determine new losers and winners of that war. They don’t stop at the removal of the monuments to Soviet soldiers, but fall as low as hushing down the facts and clear lies.

At this time 69 years ago the Soviet troops stormed Berlin. Almost all of Europe had already been freed from the fascist occupants. The memory of that great victory, which became the turning point in the world’s history, is preserved in many European countries – there are monuments to the Soviet liberators in Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Estonia. However, many countries recall the liberation by the Soviet troops with regret.

In Budapest the monuments erected at the burial places of the Soviet soldiers disappeared back in the early 1990s. In Estonia the monument to the liberators of Tallinn from the fascists was taken down seven years ago. Since then, there has been a discussion going on there that a monument to the victims of the Soviet occupation should be built at that place, as it was done in Kishinev. But while the population of the Baltics has always had a cautious attitude towards the Soviet Union and was not against cooperation with the fascist regime, such a revision of values in Ukraine, which took an active part in the liberation movement, is the least surprising. But the current Kiev authorities have different enemies and different friends. And now different holidays as well. The local authorities in the Western regions have long given up the Victory Day parades. In Lvov May 9 is considered to be the day of sorrow. Now the brown plague has reached the capital: this year Kiev has officially cancelled the ceremony parade on Victory Day. But as the local authorities have announced, there will be “other celebrations” in the city.

Such a switch of notions is an inherent element in the process of revising the results of the world war and the search for new winners and losers. The USSR has been unanimously selected as the new aggressor – the West puts the responsibility for the beginning of the WWII not on fascist Germany, but on the Soviet Union or the “Stalin regime” and, consequently, on Russia no matter what wording is used to mask that, says Andrey Marchukov, PhD in history and leading researcher at the Institute for Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“It is done with mass falsifications. The aggressive role of Hitler’s Germany in unleashing WWII is hushed down, as is hushed down the role of the Western democracy, primarily that of the US and Great Britain in financing Hitler’s regime, its nurturing and setting against the East to conquer Eastern Europe and the USSR. They also hush down Poland’s negative role in unleashing WWII as we know that Polish diplomats actively hindered all attempts of the Soviet government to establish the system of collective security in Europe.”

The fight against the true results of WWII reach absurd grounds. The American interactive museum of news and journalism polled researchers and journalists and composed a list of the one hundred most prominent events of the last century. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ranked first, as well as the capitulation of Japan and the victory in WWII, in that order and with that cause-and-effect relationship. The beginning of the war means a lot less to the Americans and is only ranked 15th after the resignation of Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the US. The horrors of the holocaust, which ranked the seventh, are below the rights of women to take part in voting.

In essence, it is an information war, says Alexander Perendzhiev, a political science and sociology specialist at the Plekhanov University.

“The threat lies in the fact that who owns the history that owns the world. The scariest thing is that if such a victory takes place in the area of ideology, it would also affect the minds of our compatriots as well. That would be a strike at our patriotism, our values as well as at the integrity of our country. The most serious war that is currently underway is the ideological war. The revision of the results of the war is one of the directions of our ideological standoff with the West.”

Today the US is trying to present itself as the only proponent of humanism. One must point out that an average American is convinced that it was the US that won WWII. Here the secret lies not only in the propaganda, but also in the America’s approach itself. The winner is the one who drew the most benefits from that event. In the years of the war the volume of industrial production in the United States more than doubled. On its path to the global economic and political domination, Washington only has to proclaim itself the main defender of peace, thus declaring the USSR the main aggressor. In addition, such state of affairs would allow for complete destruction to the Yalta-Potsdam system, which has provided the balance between the Western block and the USSR and has contained the US on its way to hegemony. The revision of the results of WWII is a step towards redesigning the world, thinks Andrey Marchukov.

“The treat is colossal, as in the Soviet days there was a visible balance of forces between the USSR and the US. The parity was sustained and there was an understanding that that line was not to be crossed. And when one of the countries – naturally, it is the US– acquires the monopoly to apply force, bloody wars commence, conflicts build up in a snowball, which is what we are witnessing when the US,despite all the agreements, is trying to impose on the entire world its economic setup, its political system, depriving countries and nations of their political sovereignty. That system of unilateral domination can result in wars and bloodshed.”

In order to prevent that, one must continue the fight against fascism and preserve the historic truth in this day and age. As while we still remember the Stalingrad battle, the heroism of the 28 Panfilov fighters, the operation of taking Berlin and all those who selflessly fought for his motherland, we will remain the winners.


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