Victory Day concert for veterans in Dnepropetrovsk put off pending threats from radicals


A torrent of threats from Ukrainian nationalistic radicals against World War II veterans has compelled organizers of a Victory Day gala concert for the veterans in the city of Nikopol, southeast Dnepropetrovsk region, to put it off to a different date, Ruslan Tokar, the head of the city organization of the Party of Regions told reporters Tuesday.

“To prevent the nationalistic radicals’ attacks on the veterans, the Party of Regions puts off the gala concert on the occasion of Victory Day to a different date,” he said.

The Party of Regions says radical groupings of an ultra-nationalistic character have stepped up their activity in Nikopol and the adjoining areas of late, and several members of the party have been assaulted with the use of cold steel over the past ten days.

“The radicals are putting up obstacles to meetings between Ruslan Tokar, who is an election agent for presidential candidate Mykhailo Dobkin, and destroying promotion materials on the candidate,” the party’s press service said. “They have already destroyed seven campaign tents.”

“The Party of Regions activists are regularly getting threats as well” the press service said.


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