Gisele Bündchen: I Raise Chickens at Home


After wrapping photo shoots with her glam squad, Gisele Bündchen retires to her own private … chicken coop?

“I have a beautiful garden in L.A. where I raise chickens,” the supermodel shares in the May issue of Food & Wine, on newsstands now. “We have very little waste because the chickens eat all of the vegetable scraps, and anything they won’t eat, I put in my compost pile with the chicken poo.”

After all, the gorgeous earth mama wears hemp gowns and lives in an eco-oriented estate, so it’s no surprise that she moonlights as a farmer.

But have we just been let into the ultimate beauty secret? Perhaps the keys to Bündchen’s enviable body are fresh eggs and her homemade aloe-lemon drink that sounds super refreshing and hydrating for spring.

The recipe is simple: “Juice three lemons, peel fresh aloe, add a teaspoon of coconut nectar and a gallon of water, and blend it,” she tells the magazine, also planting the idea of adding a nip of tequila to make it more cocktail-y.

She continues that healthy streak with her son Benjamin, who’s proud to bring his homemade fruit leather as a school snack. “You can use any fruit, but I always use banana as the base because it has great texture and sweetness,” she says.” 

Perhaps it’s a skill Bündchen learned growing up in Brazil. “I come from a family of six girls, and my mom worked, so she’d spend all Saturday cooking,” she explains.


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