Biden family gas interests grow as Ukrainian crisis worsens


OSCE peace effort in Ukraine could be compromised by a lack of goodwill on the part of the US and their protégé Kiev junta. Are there any good reasons to doubt their sincerity? And what are the challenges OSCE plan could run into? Voice of Russia is discussing it with Maxim Braterskiy, Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia, Allen Lynch, Visiting Professor at Graduate Institute of international and development studies in Geneva, and German publicist Christoph R. Hörstel.

A roadmap for settling the crisis in Ukraine drawn up last week by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), focuses on “restraint from violence, disarmament, national dialogue, and elections” – a truly delicate task, requiring lots of diplomacy and trust-building efforts.

Yet, while Kiev and its Nazi units are waging a so-called “counter-terrorist’ operation in the South East of the country killing hundreds of civilians, the son of the US vice-president Joe Biden is getting a BoD seat in the Burisma Holdings, the biggest private energy company in the Ukraine. Now, with the US leaders not even trying to conceal their interest in supporting the current regime – should they still be seen as reliable partners? Could anyone have any doubts left as to the nature and goals of Maidan real leaders? And why would they want to support the peacemaking in the Ukraine?

Allen Lynch, Visiting Professor at Graduate Institute of international and development studies in Geneva:

…Personally, I think, the less we hear of people in, or connected, to the US government, or all the governments concerned, the better. Because in order for negotiations to take place, there has to be confidence, and the confidentiality of conversations, of compromises, etc. And the more public diplomacy we see of this kind, the more pessimistic I am…

German publicist Christoph R. Hörstel:

… If we talk about the renunciation of violence, who is going to stop that right now? This illegitimate regime in Kiev is based on a large group of Nazi killers. And these guys are active throughout the country. And how are they going to stop themselves? That’s one point.

Then, we have the disarmament question. I’m going through these four fundamental principles of this very nice word “roadmap”. But I see problems wherever I look. Disarmament – this is under discussion since a long time, same as the renunciation of violence. And it is not working.

The Government relies on the armed groups. It has not disarmed criminals and killers. And it has not even investigated the killings on Maidan. So, what are we discussing here, that is not going to work.

Then, we have a national dialog. Well, they have made this round table on 14th, tomorrow. But I don’t see any round table taking place where some of people who will take part in this round table would trying to kill each other very quickly and are afraid of each other, and must be.

And the presidential elections on May, 25, how legitimate will it be?

Well, those regions, which have just had very successfully a kind of referendum, have very clearly said that they are not going to take part in these presidential elections and they want to accede to Russia.

So, I have the feeling that the OSCE is way too late. The majority of countries in the OSCE are Western. Russia is somehow quite alone in this group and was not taking part in part of the meetings, because the OSCE was not really helpful.

Russia is open for a dialog. But with these complications I don’t know where the practicality on the ground in Ukraine will take place.

Now German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is in Kiev, trying to mediate in peacemaking effort….

I think he is trying very hard to get the adversaries within Ukraine to the table. That is something very tough. And the problem is – one of Germany’s closest friends and allies – the US – they are not behind this process.

So, what we need is a very clear decision by the US Government to make sure that their mercenary companies’ academies, 400 guys, if 400 fighters is really the correct number, should be withdrawn from Ukraine immediately. That would be the very good movement to start with. And that I’m not going to see.

I’m not seeing any point where the US is starting honest policies now, after more than 20 years of dishonest policies.

You see, we had violence against Mr. Tsarev – the presidential candidate. Two weeks ago, roughly like that, he said he would drop his candidacy, because of violence being done to him personally, to his office, to his people. So, he is out of the race already.

That means – this presidential election campaign is already tarnished, it is in fact dead. So, if we want to revive that, then we cannot hold on the date – May 25. That’s completely impossible to take the situation under control in 12 days.

So, if we go constructive after all, then what we need is a second round of talks in Geneva. And it was not very good that the same OSCE Head – Mr. Burkhalter – who has made this valid and good roadmap, is saying that the Geneva-2 round of talks is not necessary.

Of course, it is very much necessary, because in the first round we had so many points which should have been done, everybody agreed, but nobody put a roadmap on it, nobody could put figures on it and timelines which are to be met, and things like that.

So, this one-page document was in fact a joke. It is impractical. And we need something practical right now. And I’m not going to see that either Kiev or the US, or the EU is ready to do something real in this. They are not planning to make it real, I think.
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