Obama administration’s policy with regard to Ukraine pushes US to war in Europe – Ron Paul


Although the US is broke and cannot even afford to fix its own economy, Washington is deeply involved in Ukraine’s domestic affairs, risking a nuclear war with Russia, notes Ron Paul, a former congressman from Texas. “Has the arrogance of the US administration, thinking they should run the world, driven us to the brink of another major war in Europe?” he asks.

Ron Paul is accusing the US government of irrational and inefficient policy toward Ukraine. Although Washington resolutely condemns a state’s leadership for use of military force against its own people, this time the State Department is inclined to blame unarmed protesters in eastern Ukraine, injured and killed during the military campaign launched by Kiev, writes Ron Paul in his article ‘What Does The US Government Want in Ukraine?’ on Townhall.com website.

Ukrainians do not believe the government that came to power after the coup in February is legitimate and do not recognize the authority of an unelected president and prime minister, stresses the former congressman.

“The US sees this as a Russian-sponsored destabilization effort, but is it so hard to understand that the people in Ukraine may be annoyed with the US and EU for their involvement in regime change in their country? Would we be so willing to accept an unelected government in Washington put in place with the backing of the Chinese and Iranians?” Ron Paul asks.

Russian President followed US demands and asked the eastern Ukraine to postpone its referendum. The eastern Ukrainians ignored him and went on voting on independence. And still Obama’s administration claims that Russia controls the Ukrainian opposition and has announced that the US is going to impose additional sanctions on Russia. According to Mr. Paul this does not make any sense.

The other example of Washington’s irrational and double standards approach to the Ukrainian crisis has been recently demonstrated by Jennifer Psaki, State Department spokeswoman. Announcing that the US would not recognize the results of a referendum in eastern Ukraine, she claimed the vote was illegal and unfair. However, she didn’t provide any proof for her accusations. Jennifer Psaki also added that the system of “carousel voting” was used in the referendum, but surprisingly failed to explain what the term “carousel voting” exactly means. When a journalist asked her ironically if Ukrainians were sitting on horses, going around the circle and voting, she refused to discuss the issue.

Ron Paul warns Obama’s cabinet against its arrogance that has already driven the US to the brink of another major war in Europe. “Let us hope they will stop this dangerous game and come to their senses. I say let’s have no war for Ukraine!” he concludes.


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