Russia, Algeria almost conclude agreement in nuclear power engineering


Russia and Algeria have almost concluded an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in nuclear power engineering, Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko told journalists on Wednesday after meeting with members of Algeria’s leadership.

“The outcome of our meetings is that we have got an almost completely fixed intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the nuclear sphere,” Matviyenko said.

Matviyenko pointed out that during the talks she also expressed “Russian companies’ interest in participating in tenders for the construction of new power staions, and new energy facilities, in developing deposits and in mining gold and other economic minerals”.

Besides, Matviyenko added, Algeria is interested in “Russian companies’ giving greater scope to their presence in the energy sector, specifically in prospecting for and production of hydrocarbon fuel”.

The Federation Council Speaker recalled that Russia had applied to Algeria’s respective Authority in a request for consent to expanding prospecting for and production of hydrocarbon fuel in the country’s south-east. “I requested that the Minister give an expeditious reply,” Matviyenko said.


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