Eric Clapton’s Journeyman: Slow Hand’s 1989 double platinum album is re-released


A STERLING collection of tracks from Eric Clapton, one of the greatest rock and blues guitarists of all time, is remastered for greater sound quality with an all-star supporting cast

Eric Clapton released his album Journeyman, which included the hit Bad Love, in November 1989. Now Slow Hand’s 11th studio album is being re-released as a limited edition SACD/CD.

For many, Journeyman was Clapton’s return to form by a master who had for many reasons been off his game. It features an all-star cast including George Harrison, Chaka Khan, Daryl Hall, Robert Cray, Phil Collins many and others.

And there’s a simple reason this album went double platinum – it’s really good. With rock royalty assembled by one of the greatest rock and blues guitarists on the planet, it really has to be.

In keeping with the times there is an edge of an electronic sound, influenced by the 1980s rock scene, but it also includes great blues songs like Before You Accuse Me, Running on Faith and Hard Times. The highlight of it all is as one would expect, Clapton’s guitar work on stinging blues and soaring pop, all of which provide a laid-back and thoroughly engaging display of his virtuosity.

Musical high points are too numerous to list, there are several stand out tracks that feature slide-versus-slow hand guitar duelling with bluesman Robert Cray. Former Beatle George Harrison both plays guitar and sings harmony vocals on Run So Far.

It’s a truly great album now available in a high resolution or “high res” hybrid format. What that means is that the one disc contains the music twice in two layers one that will play on any standard CD player and another that is played by players designed to reproduce the higher quality Super Audio Compact Disc sound.


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