CSS to discuss possible termination of Russia’s gas supplies via Ukraine on May 20


Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Thursday night announced a decision to convene a session of the Council for State Security (CSS) in view of a possible termination of deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine. The session is set for May 20.

The Head of Government said the Czech Republic “is ready for such a situation” but that “we must be able to manifest solidarity with such neighbouring states as Slovakia and Hungary.”

“Those countries depend in a high degree on the supply (of gas) via Ukraine. The Czech Republic, due to a sufficiently high extent of diversification of the transit of gas and due to its own reserves, is prepared for a contingency that the deliveries of gas via Ukraine will be terminated,” Sobotka explained.

The storage facilities of the German RWE Company in the Czech Republic are filled with gas 51 percent, said the company’s representative Martin Halupski.


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