Donetsk getting ready to defend itself as ultimatum to Kiev expires on May 16


Kiev did not meet the demand of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s militia to pull out forces from the region within 24 hours. Instead, Kiev has even enlarged its presence in the region, according to a report posted on the “Donetsk People’s Republic” website

“The Kiev authorities offered an immediate reaction [to the ultimatum]; forces are being mounted. Everything the Ukrainian army possesses – paratroopers, aircraft and tanks and special units of Right Sector gunmen – has been used against the volunteers,” the report says.

“Yet the Donetsk army headquarters does not doubt it will be able to withstand this armada, especially as a growing number of Ukrainian servicemen take the people’s side out of despair and because of the illegal orders of their commanders,” the report underscored.

Donetsk People’s Republic army deputy commander Sergei Zdrulyuk said earlier, “I will wash my hands of it unless armored vehicles, personnel and etc are pulled back from Donetsk within the next few hours. I will no longer care who I am dealing with, either conscripts, young boys aged 18, or elderly professionals or especially mercenaries. Everything will be burned down and destroyed unless the hardware is pulled 20-30 kilometers back from Donetsk. I already have intelligence and sabotage groups.” The ultimatum given by the “Donetsk People’s Republic” expired in the morning on May 16.


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