East European leaders blame EU in hypocrisy on sanctions against Russia


Czech, Hungarian and Slovak leaders are blaming the EU west bloc in hypocrisy in regard to Russia during the crisis in Ukraine. Eastern Europe refuses to get more economic damage which could be inflicted by wider sanctions.

While Eastern Europe undergoes an economic crisis, the West continues on dealing with Russian companies even as they threaten Russia with more sanctions. “It is hypocritical,” Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said at a conference today in Bratislava, the nation’s capital.

His Czech and Hungarian counterparts, Bohuslav Sobotka and Viktor Orban, said they don’t want to lose out on business opportunities.

“We are talking about solidarity here and France is selling warships to Russia,” Fico said at a Globsec security conference. “We are talking about how to help Ukraine with its energy security and the very same day we were taking fundamental decisions at the European Council,” while Russian gas exporter OAO Gazprom “signed a contract on South Stream,” a pipeline, “with German, French and Italian companies.”

Naturally, Polish Premier Donald Tusk struck a different tone, saying the EU must show unity and assume its costs.


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