Intoxicated riot: even Ukrainian side admits use of drugs in Kiev Maidan


On May 16, head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov, issued a statement to the effect that participants in the Maidan riot were under the influence of drugs, which resulted in ‘an absolutely abnormal psychoactive condition’. Viktor Ivanov reported that both the Russian service and their Ukrainian colleagues are aware that many Maidan participants had been ripped off. He added, though, that there is no information about whether the drugs had originated in the US.

The Internet and some media had already reported that sackfuls of US army combat psychostimulants had been delivered to Kiev’s Maidan during the revolutionary events at the end of 2013 and early 2014.

Early in March, one of the Russian activists who took part in the Maidan events told journalists that ‘people were very spiteful and steamed up there’.

More recently, Slaviansk rebels said, during combat operations in the Donetsk Region, that their enemies were evidently given some drugs. Self-defense fighters said that Ukrainian soldiers were overstimulated. Defenders of Slavyansk noticed from their check-points several times that Ukrainian soldiers were alternately seized with onsets of inexplicable aggression and unrestrained hilarity.

Earlier, Ukrainian bloggers also warned against eating or drinking anything in Maidan, as it was unsafe. Thus, early in February a Kharkov Internet resource posted a story about a young couple who went to Kiev to take part in the revolutionary events and to make some money at the same time. They spent about a week there and brought home a little over 10,000 hryvnas (under 30,000 roubles) between the two of them. When they called their friends from Kiev they enthusiastically described the extraordinary atmosphere, wonderful people and general euphoria in the air. Later, the girl had a headache, nausea and rheumatic pain, she also had high blood pressure. Her boy-friend later also felt ill. When they went to hospital the doctor told them that they were suffering from symptoms typical of withdrawal after taking certain synthetic drugs.

Similar information was posted by Ukrainians in other social networks.

As early as March 17, the Anti-Maidan portal stated figures that were overlooked by Ukrainian media. The article pointed out that it was clear why people sought medical attention on February 20 (the day certain events took place that are still being investigated by the Ukrainian authorities but with very little success) but what can be said about the other cases?

Maidan participants’ ailments in a times of peace are quite incomprehensible. If we put aside cases of common cold and flu that the Health Ministry registers separately, these are the figures for the period starting on February 20 with reference to the Health Ministry.

February 20

132 people sought medical assistance from ambulance teams. 82 were taken to hospital, the others were provided with on-site medical assistance. During each the following 24 hour periods;

February 21

26 people sought assistance from ambulance teams, 21 hospitalized.

February 22

42 people sought assistance from ambulance teams, 33 hospitalized.

February 23

31 people sought assistance from ambulance teams, 24 hospitalized.

February 24

49 people sought assistance from ambulance teams, all hospitalized.

This list continued daily.

The author of the article on the Anti-Maidan portal reminds readers that doctors who worked in Maidan during February’s events posted an online appeal on 24 February asking ‘revolutionary leaders’ to urgently help Maidan participants who were falling into psychotic states and losing their memory. The doctors warned that otherwise they may lose their patients.

It has been established, that soon after that, on February 27, the Ukrainian Health Ministry held an emergency conference with experts in psychiatry and narcology. However, the article goes on to say, the current Ukrainian government is terribly reluctant to admit that Ukraine received its freedom from the ‘bandit regime’ aided by dope peddlars.


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