Right Sector leader threatens guerrilla war in eastern Ukraine, Crimea


Ukraine’s Right Sector ultra-right movement is forming a special battalion, Donbass-2, tasked with waging a large-scale guerilla war in eastern Ukraine and Crimea, Right Sector leader and Ukrainian presidential candidate Dmitry Yarosh said in a pre-election TV debate on Sunday.

Yarosh, for whom an arrest warrant was issued in Russia in absentia for crimes committed in Chechnya, vowed to return Crimea, now part of Russia, to Ukraine, hoping to achieve that through unleashing a guerilla war on the peninsula and through provocations using Crimean Tatars

“We need to unleash a guerilla war and exploit the Crimean-Tatar factor. Crimea has been and will remain Ukrainian. It will be large-scale guerrilla war fought by volunteer units already being formed in Donbass. We have one battalion already, Donbass-1, and are forming Donbass-2 and Donbass-3,” Yarosh said.

“We maintain permanent contact with our field commanders and coordinate our activity in the Donetsk region… Instead of frontal attacks, we need to click-shoot separatist leaders in the east,” he said.

Federalization must not be given a chance, he added.


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