Ukrainian troops, Kramatorsk self-defense forces clash on city outskirts


The self-defense forces of Kramatorsk said clashes have occurred with Ukrainian troops on the city outskirts.

“There is fighting on the outskirts of Kramatorsk. Some of the checkpoints have been attacked. A factory is in flames,” a spokesman for the city’s self-defense headquarters told Interfax. “A clean-up operation has been launched against self-defense fighters in the Yasnogorki district and in the Stary Gorod part of Kramatorsk. We will fight to the end,” he said.

He added that the Ukrainian military contingent carried out artillery strikes against self-defense forces. “Infrastructure and industrial facilities were shelled. A factory was damaged beyond repair,” he said.

No information is available about casualties on either side.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Slavyansk self-defense headquarters told Interfax that the checkpoints on the city outskirts, targeted in the Ukrainian law enforcement contingent’s massive barrage in the afternoon, remained under the self-defense forces’ control. “Slavyansk has been secured. The enemy has switched to us now,” the spokesman said.


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