Rasmussen proposes Russia-NATO Council meeting after Ukrainian May elections


NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen proposes a Russia- NATO Council meeting to be scheduled after next week’s early presidential election in Ukraine. During his monthly press-conference, Rasmussen said that NATO has not yet received Moscow’s response to his proposal.

“On the one hand, we’ve blocked all practical cooperation, on the other, we have a cooperation channel, which is the Russia-NATO Council through which we can exchange diplomatic messages. After the crisis began we had a meeting on 5 March when we put forward the initiative of the following meeting next week but we have not received Russia’s response yet,” Rasmussen said at the press-conference.

As a NATO source told RIA Novosti, the Council meeting to discuss the situation in Ukraine could be held on 27 May.

Rasmussen also told journalists that he cannot see the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border so far. He stressed that he would be the first to appreciate such a step.

The Russian president’s press-service reports that, due to the termination of the scheduled springtime military training that took place on firing grounds in the Rostov, Belgorod and Briansk Regions, Vladimir Putin ordered the Minister of Defence to return the troops participating in the exercise to their bases and continue combat practice on local training grounds.

Russia-NATO Council may discuss Ukraine on May 27

NATO has proposed May 27 as the date for a NATO-Russia Council meeting to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, a source in the alliance told RIA Novosti on Monday. “The Russians have proposed a meeting to discuss the situation in Ukraine,” the source said on condition of anonymity. “We have suggested May 27 as a date and now we are awaiting their answer,” the source said.

US coup failed in Ukraine, Kiev junta’s days are numbered

The western backed junta in Kiev, installed in February this year after years of planning by the US/CIA/USAID/NATO/EU and billions of dollars spent on NGOs, destabilization teams, installing and paying for puppets and training, arming and backing far right nazi paramilitary groups and paying mercenaries from the Greystone private CIA army, may finally be showing the first signs of what has to be its imminent demise. Unless the breakup of Ukraine was the plan all along (which may be a possibility) the imminence of that demise should have been forecasted, as well as the fact that the Ukrainian people would never support nazis in power. Knowing US foreign policy and their disasters all over the world one might then assume that Ukraine was just another failed US operation of historic proportions carried out by ignorant myopic planners delusional in their own invincibility.


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