Yatsenyuk, Turchynov lose support of Ukrainian citizens – poll


A total of 54.1% of Ukrainian citizens support partially or completely actions of acting Ukrainian President Aleksandr Turchynov and 56.3% support all or some actions of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Razumkov Center said citing a poll held, Interfax reports. 

According to the survey results released on Monday, 41.3% of respondents do not support actions of Turchynov and 38.6% do not support those of Yatsenyuk.

“In comparison with the poll conducted in late March – early April 2014, the number of those who completely support the actions of Turchynov and Yatsenyuk decreased amid the growth of the share of those who support certain actions of these politicians, while the number of those who do not support their activities remained almost unchanged. At the same time, the share of those who do not support the work of the Verkhovna Rada, government and law enforcement authorities went up during this period,” Razumkov Center said in a statement.

At the same time, 35.5% of Ukrainian citizens said that actions of the new authorities are aimed at defending national interests, while 46.8% of respondents said they were pursuing their own interests and the interests of their political circle. A total of 50.9% of respondents think that the situation in Ukraine deteriorated following the change of authorities, and 22.6% consider it to be unchanged. The first stance is shared by the majority of residents of the western region (53.5%), a relative majority of central region residents (45.3%), while the second point of view is supported by most residents of the south (62.3%) and east (64.6%), the poll showed. Only 8.4% of Ukrainian citizens said that the actions of the new authorities lived up to their expectations.

Meanwhile, regardless of such assessments, only 19.2% of respondents said that the current authorities were worse that the previous ones, 37.7% consider them to be better and 30.5% suppose the two do not have considerable difference. The survey was held in all Ukrainian regions except for Crimea on April 25-29, 2014 and involved 2,012 respondents. Sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.


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