Halle Berry, 47, tells of her shock at ‘geriatric pregnancy’ on Ellen De Generes’ show


TO HER fans she’s one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood, but to Nahla, 6, and seven-month-old Maceo she’s just mum.

But being pregnant at 47 wasn’t an easy ride for stunning Halle, who revealed to Ellen De Generes healthcare professionals referred to it as, “A geriatric pregnancy”.

She said: “They call it a geriatric pregnancy. I was, you know, on my way…this is probably way TMI, but I was really, you know, kinda premenopausal so to have this happen was a huge [shock].”

The star told Ellen on her American talk show she was happy but baffled by her pregnancy, as she didn’t think it was possible given her age.

She said: “I mean, I didn’t think it was possible to have another baby and I thought for sure I had a need never to get married again. So, I’ve learned never to say never.”

The Hollywood star added: “Only her prayers could have done this. I didn’t think it was possible at my age, honestly.”

Halle explained she wasn’t the only one who was happy when she found out she was pregnant, her daughter Nahla was overjoyed too.

She said: “Nahla prayed and prayed for him for like a year and a half for a baby and a bunk bed and she got both of those things.”But it’s still not easy for 47-year-old Halle who says there are notable differences between nursing her daughter and her son.

She said: “You know, I’m nursing both…I breastfed Nahla and I’m nursing my baby. When I would put Nahla on the boob she would go (light sucking) a nice little girly suck with him it’s like (chomping suck) he’s like sucking the life out of me.

“I see the difference between boys and girls.”

The mother-of-two has thrown herself back into her work, with a role in Extant currently being filmed and she’ll be appearing in Miles and Me next year, according to IMDB.


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