Kate Winslet ‘excited’ about getting older


Kate Winslet may be an Oscar winning actress but she lives a quiet life in Chichester, south of London with her improbably named husband, Ned Rocknroll (who is Richard Branson’s nephew) and her children. Mia, 13, Joe, 10 and new five month old son Bear with Rocknroll.

(She met her husband on Richard Branson’s Necker Island when a giant fire gutted the house they were staying in. Winslet rescued Branson’s mother Eve by carrying her out of the house in her back).

Every morning she goes for a walk with a friend, their babies strapped to their chests and they stop and have a coffee at the local café. Winslet had just returned from Los Angeles to hit the red carpet for her new film, “Divergent”

Speaking about L.A. she mused to Harpers Bazaar, “It’s a very strange place to be because the truth is, I’m not famous until I am in those moments. Those are the times when I am suddenly famous. My real life is a very real life.”

She has also become the poster girl for Lancome’s new anti-aging cream. “Working with them does a huge amount for my self-esteem, I’ve got to tell you,” she admitted. Not that the “Titanic” actress who turns 40 next year fears aging or wrinkles.

“I’m quite excited about it, actually,” she confessed. “I really enjoy getting older. You just don’t worry as much.”


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