TV channel for ‘propaganda of new Ukraine values’ to be created at initiative of country’s Security Council


At the initiative of the Ukrainian Security Council current Kiev authorities will create a TV channel intended for audience from abroad, according to deputy secretary of the country’s Security Council Viktoria Syumar. “Ukraine needs broadcasting in English and Russian to have an opportunity to propagate values of new Ukraine,” she said, noting that “A TV channel should be state-controlled and should deliver qualitative information product to CIS states, Europe and the United States. The concept is actually prepared.”

Meanwhile, current Kiev authorities do not hesitate to curb activity of undesirable journalists. Unbiased coverage of presidential elections due on May 25 is put into question. A decision to permit 303 Russian journalists and technical media employees who received accreditation to come to Ukraine “will be taken in each specific case” and upon agreement with the country’s Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian state border service told ITAR-TASS. Ahead of the voting border controls were toughened for Russians arriving in Ukraine. Border checkpoints are protected by concrete blocks and anti-tank hedgehogs, more than 200 checkpoints, 400 fighting emplacements, 70 kilometers of trenches and obstacles are placed. The country’s state border service stated that more than 200 Russian citizens had not been permitted to go to Ukraine recently.

Kiev national guard has detained earlier journalists of Russian TV channel LifeNews Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saichenko near the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. Last time they go on the line in the afternoon on Sunday, May 18. Kiev accuses Russian journalists of abetment to terrorism. Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy does not have any official information about the fate of detainees yet. On May 20, a British stringer co-operating with Russia Today TV channel was detained in Ukraine.


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