UN confirms destruction of Syria’s stockpile of sarin key component



The UN has confirmed that Syria destroyed its stockpile of isopropyl alcohol (or isopropanol), which can be used to produce highly toxic sarin gas, Stephane Dujarric, an official spokesperson for the UN secretary-general, said Tuesday. “The Joint Mission confirms the destruction of the entire declared Syrian stockpile of Isopropanol,” he said, referring to a joint UN/OPCW mission on eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons.

On Monday, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) reported that over 92 percent of Syria’s chemical stockpile has been removed from the country, while eight percent of the material is still located in areas with complicated security conditions.

Last October, the United Nations and the OPCW established a joint mission to eradicate Syria’s chemical arsenal in the safest and most secure manner possible. Syria has declared around 700 tons of the most-dangerous chemicals, 500 tons of less-dangerous precursor chemicals and 122 tons of isopropanol used in sarin gas production. Syria’s chemical weapons are scheduled to be destroyed by the end of June as part of a cooperative effort to defuse international tensions related to its ongoing civil war.


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