West wants to escalate situation by accusing Russia of bringing troops to Ukrainian border – Russian Defense Ministry


Western countries do not care about proof when accusing Russia of bringing troops close to the Russian-Ukrainian border, head of the Russian Defense Ministry main department of international military cooperation Sergei Koshelev said on Wednesday.

“In my point of view, today they need to escalate the situation by throwing in biased information and not caring about any evidence and giving arguments about these or those actions of Russia,” Koshelev said in an interview with the Rossiya 24 (Russia 24) TV channel on Wednesday.

“The way sensational information is thrown to the media says just that interested expert dialogue is not in the plans of our NATO partners for today,” he said. The West accuses Russia groundlessly that it allegedly brought a 40,000-strong group of troops and equipment close to the Russian-Ukrainian border, Koshelev said.

It is planned to discuss the Ukrainian situation in particular during the international security conference, which will be held in Moscow this week and in which NATO representatives “have pointedly refused ” to participate, Koshelev said.


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