Accusing Russian reporters detained in Ukraine of terrorism is nonsense – President Putin


So said Russian President Vladimir Putin, “Now they have been accused of all deadly sins, including that they have transported weapons, which is utter nonsense, this is absolute nonsense and rubbish,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters in Shanghai.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and, of course, initially big questions regarding the legitimacy of all political procedures [in Ukraine] will emerge. I hope that the Ukrainian authorities will take the necessary steps to dignify political processes, which occur in Ukraine now,” Putin said.

“Any political processes are better than armed resistance,” he said.

Vladimir Putin believes the processes aimed at legitimizing the current Kiev administration are a positive step, but it is difficult to build relations with those who continue punitive operations and impede the work of journalists.

“In any case, political processes, including processes aimed at legitimizing the current [Kiev] administration are now, of course, positive steps. At the same time, it will be very difficult for us to build relations with people who come to power against the background of the punitive operation that continues in the southeastern regions of Ukraine and impede the work of the press,” Putin told reporters in Shanghai.

At the same time, Putin believes that it would be more logical to hold a referendum on the Constitution before holding elections in Ukraine.

“I believe it would be much cleaner and easier, from a legal viewpoint, to hold a referendum on all the main issues, concerning the Constitution, bearing in mind that the current Ukrainian Constitution does not allow elections because there is a lawful president, I would like to reiterate, incumbent, President Yanukovych,” Putin said.

Putin said that the new Constitution could be used for electing the president and parliament and forming a government.

“In my view, it would be much more logical to do it that way, and it would lead to greater stability,” he said. Putin reiterated that the current Ukrainian authorities have made a different decision with the support of European countries and the US.

Russian troops withdrawn from drills near western borders to avoid speculations on Ukraine’s elections – Putin

It has been decided to send subdivisions of the Armed Forces, which held drills near Russian’s western border, to their sites of permanent deployment in order to avoid speculation during the elections in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“[we did this] In order to create additional and favorable conditions around the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine and in order to avoid speculation. If someone does see what is happening, let them look closer,” Putin told reporters.

Russian special services are closely watching the movements of right radical Ukrainian groups across the Russian border.

“We are watching very closely all the movements of some radical groups in Ukraine and some have been detained in Russia,” Putin told reporters in Shanghai on Wednesday. Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) employees watch quite closely their movements in Ukraine and once they cross the Russian border, Putin said.

Vladimir Putin said he regrets that the tragic events in Odessa have still not been appropriately evaluated by the international community and warned that more tragic events may occur.

“The horrible things that occurred in Odessa, which we all saw on television, have still not been duly and appropriately evaluated by the international community. If we don’t do it, such crimes may occur again,” Putin said, Interfax reports.


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