Mother of teen girl who died from ecstasy calls for drugs to be legalised


THE mother of a teenager who died after taking Ecstasy has called for drugs to be legalised and regulated.

Anne-Marie Cockburn is urging politicians to change Britain’s drug policy following the inquest into the death of her 15-year-old daughter Martha Fernback.

The schoolgirl from Oxford suffered a cardiac arrest on July 20 last year after swallowing half a gram of 91 per cent pure MDMA powder.

But after coroner Darren Salter yesterday recorded a verdict of accidental death, Ms Cockburn called for drugs to be legalised and regulated and said she wants to meet senior politicians.

She said: “I would like to start a sensible dialogue for change, from prohibition to strict and responsible regulation of recreational drugs. This will lead to a safer society for us all by putting doctors and pharmacists, not dealers, in control of drugs.”

She added: “Martha wanted to get high, she didn’t want to die. No parent wants either, but one of those is preferable to the other.” Coroner Mr Salter concluded Martha had known she was taking the drug but had not realised its fatal purity – above the average 58 per cent.

In March, Martha’s friend Alex Williams was spared jail and given a rehabilitation order for supplying her with the drug.

After Martha took the MDMA she said “it’s better than the last time we did it” – before collapsing in a park at 1.30pm. She died an hour later in hospital.




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