Yet another woman found raped and hanged from a tree in northern India


THE body of another woman who was raped and hanged from a tree has been discovered in a village in northern India.

The 19-year-old is the fourth woman to be killed in such a way in Uttar Pradesh state in recent weeks.

Her body was found in the Moradabad area and her family said that she had been raped before she was killed.

A post mortem is now underway.

Yesterday, a 44-year-old woman was found hanged from a tree in the Bahraich area of the state and her family claimed that she had been gang raped, although her post mortem was inconclusive.

Two teenage cousins were also raped and killed in the same way last month in Badaun district, sparking international outrage.

Last year India toughened its anti-rape legislation and made gang rape punishable by death even when the victim survives.

The law was changed after a 23-year-old died from injuries sustained when she was gang raped on a bus by six men in December 2012, leading to protests across the country.

Records show that a rape is committed every 22 minutes in India, a nation of 1.2 billion, but activists say the actual number could be much higher.

They say that there is a culture of tolerance for sexual violence, meaning many cases go unreported.

Last month, the head of Uttar Pradesh state’s governing party told a rally that his party was opposed to the law which allows the execution of gang rapists.

Mulayam Singh Yadav said: “Boys will be boys. They make mistakes.”



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