More than half of Americans do not believe Obama is strong and honest leader – survey data


More than half of Americans do not believe that the US President Barack Obama is a strong and honest leader. This was confirmed by an opinion poll conducted in early June by the Gallup organization. Participants of the poll with a total number of 52 percent of the votes declared that Obama’s activities seem unfavorable to them.

In addition, they were asked, what leadership characteristics are relevant or not relevant to the current head of the White House.

In response, they have, in particular, in a ratio of 53 percent to 45 percent of the votes expressed the view that Obama is not “strong and decisive leader.” And in the ratio 51 percent to 47 percent that he is not “honest and trustworthy” man.

According to sociologists, amount of people, doubting Obama’s honesty, exceeded half of the respondents for the first time during his post as the President of the United States.


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