ISF Analyzes Tapes Showing Alleged Berri Murder Plotters


The Intelligence Branch of the Internal Security Forces is in possession of tapes from security cameras showing two suspects allegedly involved in an assassination plot against Speaker Nabih Berri, As Safir daily reported on Monday.

The newspaper said that the two men, one on foot and the other on a motorcycle, were able in February last year to approach Berri’s residence in Beirut’s Ain el-Tineh area after the speaker ordered to limit security measures in an attempt to appease residents in nearby buildings.

News about the assassination attempt against Berri emerged in late February when several dailies reported a plot by the Qaida-linked Abdulllah Azzam Brigades.

Lebanese national Mahmoud Abou Aalfa had allegedly confessed that the extremist group was planning to assassinate Berri, who is also the head of Amal movement that is allied with Hizbullah.

Aalfa had reportedly admitted that several people were tasked with monitoring the entrances of Ain el-Tineh and the places that Berri frequently visits.

As Safir revealed on Monday more details about the plot, saying one of the suspects was able to reach on foot an area very close to Berri’s residence, taking advantage of orders made by the speaker to his security team to limit the inspection of vehicles passing in the vicinity of the compound.

His orders came as a result of growing frustration by the residents of nearby buildings on the strong measures taken by the guards.

The security cameras also showed the other suspect driving a motorcycle making his way through the guards, claiming he was a delivery man.

The investigation has so far revealed that the plotters were planning to “break the defense wall” near Berri’s residence by blowing up two car bombs to pave way for the driver of a third vehicle to detonate his explosives in the yard of the mansion.

As Safir said that another scenario lied in using around seven suicide bombers on motorcycles to attack the security checks and opening the road to two booby-trapped cars to hit the wall of the compound and enter the yard.


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