Song inspired by Jen Psaki goes viral online in Russia


Russian group “Murzilki International” wrote a song inspired by the State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki. The song is rapidly gaining views on Youtube, becoming a hit in Russian webspace.

In the text of the song the musicians list Psaki’s personal qualities, which she has managed to demonstrate to the world community during her work in the White House.

“Everyone knows, these are not just words that there is nobody more competent than Psaki. No one is cuter and smarter than Psaki, Psaki is the most competent person,” the “Murzilki International” band members sing in the chorus of the song.

The musicians wonder where did Psaki’s employers manage to find her, such a “sky-born and straightforward” so that she could “talk nonsense” every day during her press conferences with journalists.

Jen Psaki became famous for her comments during US State Department press conferences. Thus, the State Department spokesperson made a statement on deliveries of Russian gas transported “by pipeline from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia”. When commenting on the photos of Donetsk self-defense activists, Psaki claimed that according to the appearance of the people, one can be sure that they are related to Russia. These and some other remarks immediately drew the attention of the media and ordinary people to Jen Psaki.

During a briefing, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki for the first time heard from journalists that the day before incendiary phosphorous bombs had been used under Slavyansk. Her reaction surprised the journalists.

On June 13, 2014 when asked the question, “what is the opinion of the State Department on the use of phosphorus bombs in Slavyansk?” Jen Psaki said:

-“By whom? By Russians?”

-“By the Ukrainian army”, said the journalist.

-“No, I didn’t see that”, answered Psaki.

On the night between 11th and 12th June, Ukrainian troops fired on the village Semenovka with incendiary bombs, claim militias. This is the first use of such weapons in the Ukrainian conflict. Incendiary bombs are designed to initiate a fire. Materials like white phosphorus are used to make them. When used for military purposes within city areas, the use of weapons containing phosphorus is prohibited, according to international resolutions. This is set down in the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki said on Tuesday she is being criticized by Russian media because the United States supports Kiev authorities. Psaki recently became widely known for her loud statements on Ukraine, in which the US supports military operations against independence supporters in the east and invariably confirms this support, despite the death of civilians.

According to Psaki, she “became the object of attacks by the Russian propaganda.” According to her, similar efforts are being made because “the United States supports a strong, democratic Ukraine.” She also stated that she had seen personal attacks against her on the Internet. “They seem to concentrate on the clothes that I wear, on the color of clothes, and they attach my head to different photos. So what we need to ask them is whether great powers do this kind of thing in the international arena”, said Psaki. According to her, such attacks are not common for rich Russian culture.

Reporters asked the representative of the US State Department, if she wants to return to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a hat that she received as a gift from him. “No, this hat is still with me. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry held a meeting last week, and we hope to find ways to promote diplomacy,” said Psaki.

One of the journalists stated that the US also allows for impolite remarks to be put on Twitter. In response to that Psaki said: “I think that there is a significant difference between sending a signal of unity in support of Ukraine – as we are doing and we are proud of this campaign – and personal attacks, in which Russian propaganda was engaged.” It was noticed that the US side has also put harsh statements against Russia. For that, Psaki replied: “I do not think we are in it. This is my opinion.” Immediately after that, she completed a briefing.

Last week information appeared in Russian blogs that Psaki was allegedly fired from her post as US State Department spokesperson. Psaki was accompanying Secretary of State John Kerry on his trip abroad, and her deputy Marie Harf replaced her during that time. Psaki later denied the rumors about her dismissal.



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