Iraq crisis: The footage that shows Isis militants taunting and killing Shia forces


UN says reported mass executions ‘almost certainly’ amount to war crimes

Adam Lusher

Footage of captured Iraqi soldiers being taunted and killed by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has been placed on the Internet.

The video shows five unarmed soldiers, their hands tied behind their backs, sitting on the ground as they are berated by one of their captors. They all appear terrified and one has a bloodied face.

When asked where the government forces are, one soldier replies they have left.

The extremist, carrying an assault rifle, shows the camera the badges on the uniforms of his prisoners.  He then grabs them one after the other by the hair and makes them repeat the Isis slogan ‘Baqiya’, which is thought to mean “(ISIS) will remain in existence” or “Islamic state will stay”.


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