Israel uses US to destabilize Mideast: Analyst


Israel is using the United States to destabilize the Middle East with the ultimate goal of ensuring the regime’s survival, a political analyst tells Press TV. 

In an interview with Press TV on Monday, Kevin Barrett said Washington follows the “antiquated” policy of opposing public demands for democracy and freedom in the Middle East for fear that democratic moves would endanger the security of the Israeli regime.

“That is the single biggest factor that is driving the US to become the enemies of the people of the region, because the moment the people of the region are empowered and prosperous and peaceful and democratic and stable, that is the end of the Zionist regime [of Israel],” Barrett stated.

To guarantee its survival, the analyst said, the Tel Aviv regime uses the United States as a tool to destabilize the Middle East.

“The Zionists are dedicated to destabilizing the region and they are using their power in America to push US Middle East policy in that unfortunate direction,” Barrett added.

The political analyst also put into question the US claim of advocating democracy, arguing that Washington fell short of supporting the “peaceful non-violent protest” movement of Bahrainis for human rights and democracy.

The United States “runs Bahrain as its own base,” Barrett said, adding that demands of Bahrainis “come second” to America’s interests.

He also slammed the West’s support for Takfiri militants in Syria and its refusal to acknowledge the recent democratic presidential election in the Arab country, which resulted in the re-election of Bashar al-Assad.



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