Lugansk’s gov’t declares state of emergency


Lugank’s government has declared a state of emergency as Ukrainian forces have begun shelling the city. The city’s government has turned on an air-raid alarm. At the moment, Ukrainian forces are shelling the village of Metalist. They might use large-caliber weapons. No information about the victims is available.

Representatives of the Lugansk People’s Republic have claimed that aircrafts of the Ukrainian Air Force are approaching the city. The government has turned on an air-raid alarm, so that the citizens could find shelter during the shelling.

A militia representative said the Ukrainian artillery had partially destroyed the driver training center and that air-blasts smashed windows in nearby houses. The death toll from the shelling of the Kramatorsk residential area by Ukrainian military has risen to ten, a militia representative told TASS late on Monday.

“Ten civilians have died, and more than ten have been injured,” he said.

The militia representative said the Ukrainian artillery had partially destroyed the driver training center and that air-blasts smashed windows in nearby houses.

A transformer substation was damaged, and a tuberculosis dispensary and a food warehouse came under fire as well, he added.

A total of 125 soldiers of Ukrainian government forces have been killed since the beginning of the military operation in the self-proclaimed “Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics,” Ukraine’s First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema has said.

“As many as 125 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed over the period of “anti-terrorist” measures on the territory of Ukraine. They include 96 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 22 police officers, as well as border guards and personnel of Ukraine’s Security Service,” he said in televised remarks on Monday evening.

The biggest loss of life among Ukraine’s government forces occurred as a result of local militiamen shooting down Ukrainian Armed Forces airplanes and helicopters, he added.

The Ukrainian military shelled towns outside Slavyansk last night, killing two civilians, the Slavyansk militia said.

“The Ukrainian military shelled the towns of Semenovka and Cherevkovka, and the center of Slavyansk last night, killing two civilians. A shell hit a house in Semyonovka, sparking off a fire,” the Slavyansk militia’s headquarters told Interfax on Sunday. In addition to this, the National Guard shut down the reserve water line running from the town to Slavyansk, the militia said. “We have a reserve water line, but the National Guard shut it down. We are taking water from wells now,” the Slavyansk militia said.

More than 50 militiamen killed in an air strike on their positions in the Kramatorsk area, head of the military operation information group Vladislav Seleznev wrote on his page on Facebook. “June 14, as a result of the air strike on Druzhkivka location near Kramatorsk – more than 50 people were killed, about 150 were injured,” wrote Vladislav Seleznev.

“During aviation operations in the same area an ammunition storage facility was destroyed,” cites Interfax.

According to him, witnesses observed explosions in air strike area for three hours.

Ukrainian law enforcers engaged in a fight with armed units, which opened mortar fire at the Kramatorsk airfield in the Donetsk region, head of the Ukrainian group Information Resistance Dmitry Tymchuk wrote on Facebook. The law enforcers destroyed two mortars and an engineer support vehicle of the self-defense forces, he said. The refugees’ flow continues to grow as violence expands all across eastern Ukraine.

Tymchuk also claimed that about 40 men fighting the Ukrainian law enforcers were killed in the clash. The law enforcers had no casualties, Tymchuk cited tentative reports. There have been no confirmations to this information from other sources.


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