US should move backward and strive to find common ground with Russia – US experts


The United States should make a “step back” and try to find a common language with Russia, the EU and the parties to the conflict in the Ukraine to resolve the situation there. This opinion was expressed on Monday by leading American experts who spoke at a conference organized in the building of the Senate of the US Congress by the American University in Moscow, with the assistance of the Russian Embassy in Washington.

The event was attended by leading analysts, experts and former politicians, and in the beginning of the forum the Russian ambassador in Washington, Sergei Kislyak presented a speech.

“I must say that we are now experiencing a difficult period, but we have some experience in getting through difficulties”, said Kislyak. “I hope that we will have enough common sense to concentrate on what we can do jointly to resolve the situation, and to see that our relationship is based on mutual respect.”

Continuing, the Ambassador said that for Russia it was a big disappointment “to observe the sanctions and the formation of a certain “alliance” to isolate Russia,” because, in his opinion, the United States and Russia could do together, “much more, especially on the most pressing issues. “

Commenting on the current tensions in US-Russian relations, the former US Ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock drew an analogy with the end of the Cold War, expressing the view that countries “should clearly have defined purpose to which they should aspire.” He also stressed that in the current situation, “the United States should take a step back” in its policy to reduce tensions, and “try to join forces with Russia, the EU and all parties to the conflict in the Ukraine to come to a situation where the country will be able to deal with its internal problems. “

Speaking in Washington, a prominent American political scientist and historian, professor at New York and Princeton universities Steven Cohen noted that “Ukraine should maintain normal relations with both Russia and the West, otherwise it cannot be independent, either politically or economically”. However, he was surprised with the fact that “instead of negotiating with people who express political protest, the Ukrainian government calls them” terrorists “and conducts anti-terror operations, killing them.”


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