Australia imposes sanctions on 50 Russians, 11 companies over Ukraine


Australia has imposed sanctions against 50 Russian officials and 11 companies over the situation in Ukraine, the Australian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday. Among the citizens on the list are Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko and State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

On May 21, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop announced expanding sanctions on 38 individuals and 11 legal entities from Russia and Ukraine. On March 19, Australia imposed similar penalties on 12 Russian and Ukrainian citizens.

The Australian minister said the new sanctions reaffirm “a clear and unequivocal support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Bishop’s statement says Australia continues urging Russia to fulfill its international liabilities, including the duties of permanent UN SC member, in maintaining international peace and security.

A source in Australia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Russian news agency TASS that the list of sanctioned people, who were banned from entering the country, will not be published, and the names would be announced only after the legislative act stipulating the rules of introducing sanctions is amended.

US tightens export regime against five Russian companies and organizations

US tightened export regime against five Russian companies and organizations, informed the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce.

Russian legal entities were on the list of 29 companies included in the list of so-called unverified suppliers in respect of which preferential export control regulations will not work and more stringent licensing rules will be introduced.

The telecommunications holding company “Voentelekom” was included in the list. The company deals with construction projects, networks and communications technology, as well as supplying equipment for the Russian Defense Ministry, RIA Novosti agency reports.

In addition, the list was added with organizations like Special Design Bureau of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, which is engaged in the creation of instruments for space research, radio devices, tools for wireless communications and information security.

Export regulations were tightened against the business security Academy that deals with polygraph technology, “lie detector” and issue certificates to those skilled polygraph. LLC “Nuklin”, which delivers to Russia engineering, energy and electrical equipment that was manufactured in the EU and US also became part of the list.

Finally, company “Ampika”, which has been supplying pumps and industrial equipment also became a candidate for the list.

The official explanation for tightening of the export regime is that the US Department of Commerce could not confirm the “good faith” and suppliers cannot guarantee that they will not pass the US products to final users who should not receive it under the US law.

US traditionally restrict exports to Russia of military and dual-purpose products, a number of new restrictions in this area have been introduced this year due to disagreements between two countries because of the situation in Ukraine.


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