More than 20 unknown poems by Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda found in archives


Researchers have found more than 20 previously unknown poems of the world famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Experts plan to publish them in late 2014 – early 2015, reports TV channel Telesur. Specialists from “Pablo Neruda Foundation” discovered it, during their research through the writer’s archives. Poems, some of which are written by hand, and some – typed, were found in one of the boxes that belonged to the writer.

It is known that these works were written in the 50s of last century. Specialists claim that the work they found is of “exceptional quality”, and representatives of the publishing house Seix Barral plan to publish Neruda poems first in Latin America, and later in Spain, which has already called this finding “the largest Spanish-language literature in recent years” and “literary event of global significance.”

Nobel laureate Neruda died in September 1973, almost immediately after the military coup in Chile. According to the official version, which was confirmed last year by international experts after a 6-month period of examination, the cause of death was prostate cancer. Neruda’s death occurred a few days before his planned departure to Mexico.

Virtually all experts agree that if Neruda left, then Pinochet would have to face tough and uncompromising criticism from the poet, from outside of the country and having the undisputed world authority. Besides literary work Pablo Neruda was actively engaged in politics. He was a diplomat, senator, member of the Communist Party of Chile, winner of the Stalin Prize “for peace between peoples” (1953).

His real name was Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto. Alias, which later became his official name, he took on behalf of the Czech writer Jan Neruda, to avoid conflict with his father, who did not approve of him writing poetry.


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