Kiev distorts UN position on peace plan of Poroshenko – Russian envoy to UN


Kiev often deforms the position of the UN, presenting it in a favorable light for themselves, the Russia’s permanent representative to UN Vitaly Churkin said on Monday, answering the questions of ITAR-TASS correspondent. According to the diplomat, the same case happened with the reaction of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to the peace plan of the Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko.

In the statement, made by the Poroshenko’s press service on Saturday, the General Secretary, during his telephone conversation with the head of the Ukrainian state, “expressed support for the initiative,” and also “stressed the importance of such an element of the peace plan, as the establishment of a 10-kilometer buffer zone on the Ukrainian-Russian border.”

“Unfortunately, Kiev authorities have a habit to represent the position of the international community, the UN position in a favorable light for them” said Churkin. “I would be very surprised if it turns out that the Secretary General mentioned this buffer zone, which was announced by the President Poroshenko. At least, because it is unclear what it means,” continued the diplomat.

He recalled that a few months ago the Ukrainian authorities misquoted UN Special Coordinator Robert Serry, who visited Kiev. “So, it’s not a good practice – these attempts to modify the position of the United Nations for it to be more suitable for Kiev authorities”, said Churkin.

The official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dyuzharrik on Monday did not comment on the statement, published on the official website of the President of Ukraine. Instead he urged to «follow the words of the Secretary General, that was provided by his official representative”. In the press release, distributed by the United Nations a few hours after the similar statement of the Ukrainian side, it was said that Ban Ki-moon “praised President Poroshenko peace plan.”


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