US wants open and functional dialogue with Russia – US President spokesman


US President Barack Obama is interested in maintaining “an open and business dialogue” with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Spokesman for the White House Josh Rogin confirmed this on Tuesday, responding to a question of ITAR-TASS correspondent during a regular press briefing.

Ernest said that Obama and Putin communicate regularly “in a businesslike manner.” “Our president certainly respects the legitimate interests of Russia in the region,” continued spokesman. “But our president also wants to make sure that everybody respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of independent countries”.

According to Ernest, there is a “very open communication channel” between the presidents of Russia and the United States on Ukrainian issue and on many other issues as well. They talk on the phone and have met recently in Normandy. “Our President is interested in having an open dialogue with President Putin,” said the press secretary.

He repeated that the differences that countries have due to Ukrainian crisis “do not prevent countries from interacting on other important priorities in the field of national security”. Completion of the withdrawal of Syria’s chemical weapons, which was officially announced on June 23, was given as an “excellent example”. “This would not have happened without the help and support of the governments of Russia and other countries,” said Ernest. And it shows that, despite all our differences over Ukraine, energetic relationship between the United States and Russia are useful not only for our countries. They benefit the whole world”.


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