Wife of world’s tallest man trapped in Syria


Sultan Kösen, who entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s tallest man, has asked authorities’ help for ensuring the return of his newly-wed wife Merve from Syria.

Merve Kösen went to visit to attend the funeral of her uncle to the town of Qamishli right across the Turkish border a few days ago, but has been unable to return as the border gate in the town of Nusaybin has been closed for security concerns.

Sultan Kösen, who is from the Mardin province, has pleaded Governor Mustafa Taşkesen for help. He reportedly told the governor that if his wife is not allowed to return, he would go to Syria saying that “he couldn’t live without her.”

Officials said that Merve Kösen had not asked for the necessary permissions to go to Syria before she left Turkey.

Sultan and Merve Kösen had tied the knot last October.


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