Pope stops his Ford Focus and gets out so that he can bless disabled woman


By Richard Hartley-Parkinson

The Pontiff was being driven home from Cassano allo Jonio when he noticed a family’s signs asking him to stop and “see and angel who has been waiting for you”

 Pope Francis stopped his motorcade while driving through an area of southern Italy so that he could get out and bless a disabled woman.

The Pontiff opened his own door to get out of the back of his Ford Focus to see Roberta.

He was on his way home from Cassano allo Jonio and noticed the family waiting at the side of the road.

They held a banner that said “Please Pope stop here to see an angel who has been waiting for you” and “Please come and bless little Roberta”.

 The pope stopped and got out of the car before blessing a young boy on the side of the road  

A video taken by Roberta’s family shows Pope Francis lean down over her stretcher and kissing her before blessing her.

He also strokes her face as her family and many other onlookers gather round shouting “bravo” and “grazie”.

A young boy is presented to him by his mother and the Pope lays his hand on the youngster’s head before pointing out that his hat has fallen onto the ground.

Before getting back into his car, the Pope waves to the crowd that had gathered while his security detail look on.


After kissing the boy, Pope Francis spent a little time with the crowd  

Roberta’s family said on Facebook: “I still can’t believe it, thank you Holy Father…I thank the Pope for having given a moment of great joy.”

Ivan Vania, who made the posters, said: “Today we can say that Chris stopped in Sibari in the vestments of Pope Francis.

“It was very emotional to see how Pope Francis greeted Roberta… There are gestures in life that are worth more than speeches, much more than you would think… Pope Francis is unique.”



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