North Korea’s military forces on high alert – media


North Korean armed forces are ready for action, an article published inRodong Sinmun newspaper says. Moreover, the article says that the US “brought enormous pain and disaster to the Korean nation, by provoking the Korean War” that is usually called the Patriotic Liberation War in the country.

“There is no justification of American imperialists’ actions conducted during this war,” Rodong Sinmun says. However, “the US hasn’t learned a lesson from its defeat and continues to hold a hostile policy towards North Korea, the country’s remaining enemy,” the newspaper said.

On June 25, North Korea saw a mass meeting in memory of the Korean War that ended after an armistice agreement was signed in 1953. People paid tribute to the merits of the former North Korean leader Kim Il-sung due to whom, North Korea managed to confront the US and its allies.

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