Ukrainian President Poroshenko says Ukraine crisis will affect future of Europe


The Ukrainian President addressed the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg on Thursday.

Petro Poroshenko laid out his peace plan to stabilise the embattled regions in the east of Ukraine.

“The events in Ukraine are forming the new Europe, and this new Europe will either be united or split, stable or fragile. The future of Europe and its spirit will depend on whether the conflict in Ukraine is settled on the basis of international law, or on who is the strongest,” said Poroshenko.

The president also warned rebel separatists there would be consequences if they refused to sign up the peace plan.

“If [the] key element of the peace plan is accepted by the separatists, I think it will give us strong hopes. If it is rejected, tomorrow we will take a very important decision and I cannot comment on what type of decision we’ll take tomorrow,” he said.

Poroshenko wants to implement reforms to the Ukrainian constitution which will grant regions the ability to elect their own governors, and classify other languages as well as Ukrainian as official regional languages.

Before his Strasbourg speech, Poroshenko presented his plan to the parliament in Kyiv which will debate and then vote on the proposals.


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