15 Gaza rockets fired on Israel’s south


Thirteen rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel’s south on Monday morning. All exploded in open areas. No injuries were reported.

Eleven of the projectiles landed within the Eshkol Regional Council around 7 A.M. and two others hit the Sdot Negev Regional Council around 8:30 A.M.  Two buildings were damaged by shrapnel and several people suffered from shock in the latter attack.

Two rockets that were fired toward Eshkol around 2 A.M. also hit open terrain.

“The deterrence that we have enjoyed since Operation Pillar of Defense is fading,” said Eshkol Regional Council head Haim Yalin. “Israel’s government has two wings – political and military – and it has to use both wisely to restore the calm in Gaza vicinity communities.”

Schools in the council remain open.

The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted two other projectiles on Sunday night. The Israel Defense Forces retaliated with an airstrike targeting rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources reported that one militant was killed and three others were lightly and moderately wounded in the attack, which took place near Khan Younis, in the Strip’s south.

Hamas has recognized the militant, who was preparing to fire a rocket, as a member of the group, according to reports received by the defense establishment. Israel is investigating the claims.

“So far Hamas hasn’t been responsible for the rocket fire, but rebel groups challenging Hamas policies,” an Israeli officer said.


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