Moscow to pay last respect to operator Anatoliy Klyan, killed in Ukraine, on Wednesday


Last respects to the First channel operator Anatoly Klyan will be paid today in the Ostankino television center, reports TASS. He died on the night of June 30 in the journalists’ bus shelling in Donetsk region. The tragedy occurred near one of the units where the film crew arrived to prepare the next report. 

The trip was organized by the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Journalists were returning in a bus with the mothers of the soldiers, who were striving to return their sons home. The shooting began when they have already arrived to the place. Anatoly Klyan was fatally wounded in his stomach. Ukrainian doctors later found two bullet wounds.

Klyan was born on January 23, 1946, he was 68 years old. He has been working on television for 40 years, made thousands of reports, hundreds of missions, including in areas of hostilities: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan. He left on his last trip to Donetsk on May 28. Klyan had wife, two children and grandchildren.

Klyan’s colleagues describe him an outstanding operator, brilliant professional and a lovely person. “He has gone through Yugoslavia, Iraq and Syria, he has been in dozens of hot spots and always returned home unharmed. In May Tolya volunteered to go to this trip, referring to the restrictions of the Ukrainian authorities due to the entering age as he was no longer subject to these restrictions and joked that in this case his age became an advantage to the young people,” remembered his colleagues.

“Ukrainian government continues to kill journalists in the South-East. It is not satisfied that it is impossible to hide their actions against their own people. Our duty is to inform the country and the world about what our reporters have witnessed,” said the First Channel in the day of the tragedy.

This is the third in the last two weeks death case of Russian journalists in Ukraine. Previously RTR correspondent Igor Korneliouk and his colleague Anton Voloshin were killed during the shooting. International organizations, in particular, the OSCE and the UN, strongly condemned the violence against Russian journalists in Ukraine and demanded a thorough investigation into the incident. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, in return, initiated a criminal investigation into the death of Anatoly Klyan. State leaders, diplomatic agencies of other countries as well as the professional community have expressed their condolences over the tragedy.



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