Downed Turkish jet not hit by Syria, CHP’s secretary general claims


A Turkish F-4 jet that was downed in June 2012 was not hit by Syrian forces, according to Gürsel Tekin, secretary-general of the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Turkey claims the plane was shot in international airspace with a heat- or laser-guided missile by Syrian forces, but Syria rejects the claims, saying the Turkish jet was shot by anti-aircraft gunners as it flew at an altitude of 100 meters within Syrian airspace.

Tekin has filed a parliamentary question to be answered by Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz and said the government’s decision of confidentiality pertaining to the file should be questioned, according to a report from daily Cumhuriyet. The Turkish Army altered its rules of engagement regarding Syrian military targets after the jet was downed, resulting in the deaths of two pilots.

Tekin said he had some information regarding the incident, but could not reveal the information due to the confidentiality order and he is waiting for an answer from the government.


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