Isis is a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, reveals double agent


A FORMER jihadi who became an MI5 agent yesterday warned that Sunni Muslim extremists storming Iraq are a bigger threat to Britain than Al Qaeda.

Danish-born Morten Storm converted to Islam in prison in 1997, joined extremists in the Yemen in 2001 and met some of Al Qaeda’s top men.

But in 2007 he had a loss of faith and became a double agent for MI5, the CIA and the Danish intelligence service PET. He told LBC Radio: “The West needs to wake up to the threat of fighters returning from Syria and Iraq.”

In recent weeks the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (Isis) has swept through large areas of Iraq backed by foreign fighters including hundreds of British citizens.

On Sunday it declared a caliphate straddling Iraq and Syria.

Mr Storm, 38, now in hiding in Britain, said: “Isis is a much bigger threat than 9/11. You are going to have 400 British nationals in Syria. If just 100 of them come back to Europe alive, you can imagine what these people can do.

“They are trained to make bombs. They have been experienced in killing people.”

He also urged young Muslims not to join Isis.

He said: “If they go to Syria it will be a one-way ticket.

“Their lives will be totally different. They will be labelled and followed.”



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