Netanyahu announces condition to stop military operations in Gaza Strip


Israel is ready to stop operations in Gaza stripe if the rocket and mortar attacks on the state would be discontinued. This statement was made on Thursday evening by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. If “the rocket attacks on Israeli towns cease, there will be no Israeli operations (in Gaza), and as a result calm reigned after the operation “Pillar Of Defense”(the Israeli army operation in Gaza Strip at the end of 2012), will be back,” said the head of Israeli government.

According to him if the shelling continues, military units which are located near the border with the Strip “will use force.”

A few days earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is ready to expand operations to weaken Hamas in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip if necessary. “We will undermine the position of Hamas in West Bank and stop the rockets from the Gaza Strip, and for that we are ready to expand the operation if necessary,” said the head of the government.

Active attacks of Israeli territory began after the West Bank of the Jordan River was launched operation to search the kidnappers and murderers, who kidnapped three Israeli teenagers on June 12 and killed them. During two weeks of Israeli military operations nearly 400 Palestinians were arrested, including 270 Hamas activists, as well as about 10 Palestinian parliamentarians, Itar-Tass reports.


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