Overhead-road span collapses in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte: two people die and 19 injured


Two people died and 19 were injured as a result of the collapse of an overhead-road span in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte where a semifinal match is due to be played at the World Soccer Cup Finals. According to reports reaching here, a concrete framework section fell, pinning down part of the passenger compartment of a bus which was riding under the overpass bridge span, and smashing a car.

This refers to a high-speed bus-service road in the administrative center of Minas-Gerais state. The site where the bridge span collapsed is located not far from the Mineirao Stadium where winners of a Brazil versus Colombia match (to be played on July 5) and France vs. Germany (July 4) one are to meet on the night from July 8 to 9 in a semifinal match Itar-Tass reports.


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